About us

The company is engaged in manufacturing of a Czech specific product – typical spa wafers. The family business was established in 1994 and started with a limited production of three wafer brands for a small number of customers. The quality of its products soon became well-known and popular. Increased demand for the products brought increased number of employees. Nowadays the company distributes the products all over the Czech Republic, especially to the cities frequently visited by both Czech and foreign tourists. The wafers have become a traditional present for their families and friends.

The first reference to production and sale of the bake-together spa wafers is connected with the town founded by the Czech king and emperor Charles IV – Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad), also famous for its healing springs – and goes back to 1856. The wafers are also sometimes called „Karlsbad wafers“ after the place of origin. The original wafers are the bake-together ones sprinkled with a mixture of hazelnuts, sugar and vanilla. They were sold in the late 19th and early 20th century on the spa colonnade, warm, just taken out from the oven and numerous Czech and foreign celebrities of political and cultural life appreciated their lightness, crispness and excellent flavouring. These warm wafers were exceptionally attractive for all town visitors in the era.

Our company found inspiration for its production in a cookery book from 1869. In Secion II, Chapter 24 titled „Pastry“ there is a recipe for filled baked-together nut wafers called „Karlsbad“. The book also states that „the wafers are especially good for ill people, since they are nutritious, they do not load stomach and people like them“.

At present the company manufactures several types of spa wafers and „triangles“, obviously the classic baked-together nut wafers which are exceptionally delicious, especially warm. When the wafers are warm their aroma and taste may come out, therefore our customers are recommended to heat our traditional nut wafers a little in a microwave oven. The recommendation applies to a recently launched brand with apple flavour.

The next type our company manufactures are wafers and triangles filled with whipped cream. We make several different fillers, the best-known and most popular are the chocolate wafers and triangles. We also have a product for diabetics and those limiting their sugar intake – wafers where the classic refined sugar is replaced with sugarless sweetener.

The company exports its products to Austria and Germany where they are very popular. At present the company co-operates with a company from Arkansas, U.S.A. and with a Canadian company from Toronto in the sphere of know-how.

Once you taste our products you will undoubtedly be satified. We hope you will appreciate their quality and keep coming back.

If you have not tasted them yet, the time has come to do so. Bon appetit!